Drain repairs… Queens Drive

by Lucy Care on 16 October, 2014

If the drains – properly called ‘gulleys’ – in the gutter along side roads don’t drain, not only does it mean puddles and flooding, it also means that the tarmac wears out faster – the extra water washing it away that bit quicker.

For all these reasons it’s good to make sure that they are clear.

Several down Queens Drive were not draining properly.  First any gravel and other muck is cleaned out.  If water still doesn’t flow away, the standard next stage is to ‘jet’ out the pipework.  If there’s still a problem, they can send down a camera to inspect for damage.

There have been problems in Queens Drive with the gulleys not draining, and yesterday the reason for the most troublesome one was uncovered.

When the new cables to power Derby were installed last year, it appears that the drainage pipework was damaged.  The road has now been dug up and the damage pipework replaced.

Blocked gulleys are not usually this exciting!

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