Ring Road / Uttoxeter Road lights

by Lucy Care on 16 October, 2014

Again tonight the right turn filter from Manor Road into Uttoxeter New Road (to town) didn’t change to green when I expected it.  The traffic from Kingsway towards the hospital was flowing, and my queue still had to wait.   This was the third time in as many journeys (and days).

It’s happened before.  It should delay like this if there is a pedestrian crossing Uttoxeter New Road (on the town side) who need a little extra time to finish crossing.  But there wasn’t a pedestrian.

It’s therefore probably that the ‘pedestrian-sensor’ has a fault.

I’ve reported this to the council, and hopefully it won’t take too long to fix.  You can email the council on highways.maintenance@derby.gov.uk or through the special page on the council website.

Coming home tonight there was another maintenance job being assessed at this same junction – repairing the pothole appearing in the road ahead of the give way line when driving from town.  Whether they’ll do it tonight in the small hours when traffic is very quiet, or assess tonight and repair later we’ll have to wait and see!

If you have problems with any highways maintenance issues, do get in touch.

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