Derby’s Car Club launched

by Lucy Care on 15 September, 2015

Co-Wheels has come to Derby!
This not-for-profit organisation lets its members borrow a car by the hour – or longer. For a monthly £5 membership fee you can book online, collect a car from its local parking point, drive where you need to go and return the car to its base for a very competitive fee. Co-Wheels launchFor some people it means they don’t need their own car at all, for other households it might replace a second vehicle.
Co-Wheels choose fuel efficient vehicles and as membership rises, the choice of vehicles available in Derby will widen. Businesses can also get on board. At present they are all based in the city centre, but I’d like to see them available all over, and they could be a particularly good option for people moving into new homes when new patterns of travel will be needed anyway.
Start up costs for this scheme has been funded by the Department for Transport when the Lib Dems were part of the Coalition.

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